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Agile Thinkers Academy
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High quality content
Competitive Pricing
Concrete practice with mentoring and coaching
Master Classes and mentoring sessions with Published Authors
Endorsement of Boston University Agile Innovation Lab
Extra Material (Energizers and inspirators)
Practical Assignments
Free access to eXperience Agile Conference online contents
Specialization paths
Career and Job Counseling
Private Slack Channel for attendees

More about our benefits

The current Agile education is mainly based in 2/3 days certified courses. And it’s expected that you learn and validate your know-how during the course and then be ready to apply it in the field. We all know that this is not enough, right?

You spent several years and thousands of euros trying to connect the dots by yourself and there is no assurance that you will dominate or acquire the skills you need.

Imagine a program built by Agile experts that combines training with coaching, masterclasses, practical assignments and mentorship. Imagine that you can learn and apply Agile practices and knowledge at the same time. Stop imagining! The Agile Thinkers Academy is the solution you need! We want to help you to make the changes you need in your life and organization. Transformation needs to be experimental.

Exclusive classes and guest lectures with the best Agile trainers and speakers, such as, Steve Denning, Curt Carlson, Peter Stevens, Jesse Fewell, Joe Justice, Evan Leybourn, Georg Fasching, Hugo Lourenço, and many more!

Landing.Jobs career experts support during and after programs. Network of companies ready to hire highly skilled accredited agilists!

Knowledge that will help to growing drastically organizations’ workforce talent and their careers.

An increase of motivation, results and happiness of teams.

Full remote experience. Access to remote content and materials in Portuguese, Spanish, and English, in a collaborative environment with digital tools: Slack, Miro, Zoom, etc

Individual support with 1-on-1 sessions to guide you, organization’s team coaching, Private Agile Thinkers Academy Slack Channel

eXperience Agile week integrates the World Agility Forum, Agile Human Factors, eXperience Agile. The conference has become the 3rd biggest Agile event in Europe, thanks to the regular presence of the most recognized and influential speakers in these practices

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